Pinewood Derby 2011


This race, although a competition, is designed to teach our Cubs the following ideals.

  • Good sportsmanship, even when you don’t agree or win.
  • Competition itself is the reward- winning isn’t everything.
  • Not just speed counts, but artistic representation and creativity are winning qualities also.
  • Next year, I get to “Do My Best Again”, and hone my car making skills.

8:30 am – Arrival and Final registration

  • Cub/parent report to Room #7 to complete final registration process and pick up their car from the impound. 
  • Boys will draw racing positions for the den competition and placed in their heat
    • If you are not present, you will be assigned a position within your den
  • Graphite may be re-applied to cars at this time.
  • Cars will be final inspected for dimensions and axel positions
  • NO additional alterations may be performed on the cars
  • Cars should only be handled by the boys at this time – if a car drops or anything falls off the car at this point, nothing may be repaired and the car must be raced “as is”
  • Cub Scouts that can not attend the derby must give written permission for another scout, parent or Den Leader to race their car on derby day – hand this in when the car is registered.

8:45- 9:00am – Parade of Cars

  • Boys will assemble with their cars by Den
  • Dens will parade to Fellowship Hall from Room 7 into the Racing area
  • Cars will be placed on pit row by Den and According to Racer Number assigned
  • Once cars are placed in pit row, they may NOT be handled until it is raced and only by the Cub Scout

9:00-9:15 – Best Design Competition voting

  • Cubs that want their car eligible for the Best Design Award – must be registered prior to the Parade of Cars.
  • The Best Design Competition winners will be determined by a popular vote.  Each Cub Scout present will receive one ballot to vote.  Boys will vote for the three (3) derby cars which they feel are most deserving of the award based on craftsmanship, originality and creativity. 
  • Winners will be announced after the Bear Den Races 

9:30 – Start Your Engines! >Race Schedule (times are tentative and will vary due to # at registration)

  • 9:30 am Tigers             
  • 9:45 am Wolves
  • 10:15am Bears              
  • 11:00 am Web I              
  • 11:40 am Web II             
  • 12:00 pm Pack Championship Races
  • 12:30 pm Open Races


  • Please be on time for your Den Races, above times are tentative.  All racers for should be ready to race 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  All racers will be announced two (2) times prior to each race.  Racers will be eliminated from their Den race if they are not present after second call.
  • The next Den races will begin as soon as the trophy presentation from the previous Den is completed. The First place winner of each Den will compete in the Pack Championship Races tentatively beginning at 12:00 pm

9:30am – Open race registration begins – Cost $5/car


Trophies will be presented to the First, Second and Third place race finishers in each Den and for the Best Design Competition.  

Trophies will also be presented to the First, Second and Third place finishers in the Pack Championship Races.  (First place cars from each Den compete against each other)

All Participants will receive a Derby Ribbon.

A trophy will also be presented to the First place finisher in the Adult Race.

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