Pretzel Sandwich Fundraiser

This is our final fundraiser of the year! The exciting news about this fundraiser is this: Profit made from sandwiches over and above each cub’s individual goal, goes directly back to the cub scout as a Cub Credit.  You can then use that money to pay for any out-of-pocket scout activities you choose, such as camp. For example, the goal for a scout is to sell 11 sandwiches.  If that scout sells 20 sandwiches, that scout gets the profit for the additional 9 sandwiches sold, which equals about $27.  A pretty easy way to earn your summer camp!

Below is the information sheet and order form for those who did not get one at the December pack meeting. Money is due with the orders, preferably one check made to Pack 136.

Click here for more info.

Click here for sales form.

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