Parents Call To Action

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Once a month, a group of parents that are interested in supporting our unit meet together to plan the program and events for our boys. We are collectively just a bunch of parents that are aware of the importance of the Scouting movement and individually we contribute a small amount of time to help strengthen the program. We are the Pack Committee and Leaders. We are not a secret society. This meeting is open to EVERYONE! Come and be an active participant in our Pack and help strengthen the program being offered to your Scout! Any Cub Scout or Boy Scout unit is only as strong as those participating and contributing!!!
Suggestions, complaints, comments, concerns can be voiced to us during this meeting. As a parent or guardian of your Scout, YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Want to make an even stronger impact? Become a committee member or a leader! No experience required. Don’t be fooled in thinking that the only way you will be effective in our committee or leadership corps is to have been a past participant in Scouting or have had some extensive training in Scouting leadership. It doesn’t work that way. Most of our committee and leaders had no experience in Scouting as a youth.  
We have committee positions open. Committee positions require little work. Training is available for all. The support of the experienced leaders and committee members is always available. Printed program help from the national office is available. And thousands of parents just like you have posted help and suggestions on the web. Not interested? Still feel free to just show up and offer your comments. 

The more parents we have involved, the easier all of our jobs become. The more parents we have involved, the better our program becomes!!!

Please check out the pack calendar for the next committee meeting. Please come and join us! If you don’t have time to attend but still have comments or are interested in becoming a leader or committee member, please contact Cubmaster Mike at 264-3189 or Committee Chairperson Ginny at 263-5674

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